By Kristen Johnson

As if big pharm hasn’t been actin sketchy enough lately. Now AstraZeneca has renamed their covid vaccine to “Vaxzevria” as a way to remove itself from the publics concerns of numerous people suffering dangerous side effects. 

By changing the name of the vaccine the company is hoping to convince the public this jab is totally safe. The U.S. has recently began questioning the trial data used and how it may have been “potentially outdated and misleading.” It is still not approved for emergency use here in the U.S. Not to mention there is actually a list of countries across Europe that have temporarily suspended the vaccine rollout do to reports of it causing blood clots. Canada has recently joined with these other countries citing safety concerns and will not be administering the AstraZeneca vaccine to anyone younger than 55. EU health officials and AstraZeneca are still sticking to their guns saying the vaccine is safe and is in no way related to the blood clots and deaths that occurred shortly after the shot.

There have been no changes or alterations to the vaccine other than the name change itself. Oh! And the packaging will look totally different as well so medical workers are strongly urged to be aware of the rebranding. The company applied for this new trademark back in December. Did they know it was gonna fail and a new name and logo would be their safety net? 

Meanwhile in Virginia a man who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had a severe reaction that led to his skin peeling off. 



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