Biden Administration Considering Vaccine Passports

By Kristen Johnson

The Biden Administration is in current discussion and working with the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative to develop vaccine passports so Americans can show proof of their obedience to the government. 

This new vaccine passport will decide who is allowed to participate in normal society and the workforce. The push for this has come from the Department of Health and Human Services. To which they even have an office devoted exclusively to “information technology.”

Working with a handful of government agencies the Biden Administration believes that if we all follow protocol, get vaccinated, download the smart app, and still double mask then maybe, juuuussst maybe we will be able to return to some sort of normalcy by Christmas. But in order for this to work Americans have to prove they are inoculated. Meanwhile, on the border…

Everything’s fine… come on in. Don’t need a test, don’t need an ID, hey while we are at it, here’s a stimmy check for ya! 

One caveat in this modern age of diversity is  that of accounting for the population that currently do not posses smart phones. Don’t worry senior citizens, Bidens got you! The government is also working to develop a form of “smart card” which will that middle line between full blown medical upload to the cloud or a piece of paper.



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