By Kristen Johnson


Border crisis? I see no border crisis! Look in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait it’s a commercial flight full of illegal border jumpers. Thanks to some Catholic Charities, these illegals are sheltered in hotel rooms at the border. Staying maybe a day or two then put on a commercial flight free of charge and flown into the US. 


As of right now it is estimated that over 700 illegals have crossed through this airbnb type set up of hotel stay plus commercial flight into the interior of the US all bought and paid for by The Catholic Charities of San Diego, The Shapiro Foundation, and get this, The Tripadvisor Foundation! But they wanna charge me $162 a night to stay at a best western? I see you Tripadvisor! 


So to fan that border crisis flame even more we can now thank these NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and the Biden Administration for spending our hard earned tax dollars to make this nightmare a reality. This is currently costing you and I $86 million dollars in taxes. 


Over the last month and a half the Biden Administration is responsible for flying in over 7,200 illegals using domestic commercial flights. It should also be noted that these immigrants need not have a photo ID to verify identity  nor do they have to provide any sort of vaccine passport or proof of negative testing.




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