By Kristen Johnson


Oakland California is leading the way to segregation 2.0 as it rolls out its new pilot program awarding low income families with a $500 a month, non-taxable “Guaranteed Income.”  Whites need not apply. This 18 month pilot begins this summer and 600 families will be chosen “at random” from an online database. The $500 dollars a month is tax free and can be spent however the recipient chooses. However this excludes any and all white families as a part of the Mayors new approach at “racial equality,” otherwise known as the “Oakland Resilient Families Program.” What, what?

Whats that thing called where we only allow certain races to receive stuff while others are excluded because of their race? Ugh… It’s right on the tip of my tongue… 

At first one questions how is this type of discrimination possibly legal?

Apparently since this is being funded by private donations it is totally legal to base who gets the money on race alone. To qualify residents must have at least one child under 18 with income around $59,000. This is at or below the median income in Oakland. However, half of these spot are going to be reserved for those who fall below the federal poverty level for a family of three, which is about $30,000 a year. Written within the California constitution are specific provisions making it illegal to hand out benefits based on race. So in essence even though this is funding from a private donation, the money is STILL being handed out by the government, which sounds pretty illegal to me. But what do I know. It’s only part of the Constitution, 14th Amendment in particular. 

The mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, is in full support of racial discrimination for the purpose of “achieving equal outcomes between demographics.” This concept of “antiracism” became popular by Ibram X. Which is a deep dive for another day. Schaaf also stated on Thursday, “We believe that poverty is not personal failure, it is policy failure.” She sighted the Oakland Equity Index as her explanation for excluded low income white families. Which shows a majority of white households making over three times as much as black households annually.

This spring will begin the online screening process choosing families at random to become recipients of this “no strings attached” income. It should also be brought to your attention that this program is open to undocumented families as well. And this is totally okay since the money is not considered taxable income… sounds like more motivation to cross that border, doesn’t it?



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