By Kristen Johnson


Let me understand this clearly, we have lockdowns going on all around the world, children being told they cannot hug their grandmas or play with their friends without three masks on outside all while social distancing behind some plexiglass. Yet a video went viral this weekend of prepubescent children being strutted across a drag queen stage for money! 

In the video the woman recording gives detail of just what time it is as well, saying, “Why in the hell to do these people got these f*cking little bitty ass kids at this f*cking drag show, y’all? It’s 11:40 at night.” 

The night club is located in South Beach Miami. In the video you can see a drag queen take this child’s hand leading her around the stage like a show dog, all while patrons beginning throwing money at both the young masked girls. The drag queen continues to show the young girls how to collect money and pose for more.

This is truly disgusting and another reminder of how this movement is about saving the children. As we peal back all the layers of this nasty onion we are learning more and more about this evilness and how at this point if you are not waking up you are deliberately choosing to stay a sleep. Hopefully America viral videos like this will start to wake more people up. There is seriously something wrong with this worlds moral compass.



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