By Kristen Johnson


I have always enjoyed observing the way others are out in public. Sitting at the mall, watching people and observing their behavior was an enjoying past time for me. I pay more attention to what is going on with the people around me when I am at an event than I actually do to the event itself. Im a people watcher, but not in a creepy sense I just notice trends and behaviors. Therefore when mask mandates really picked up pace I truly began to observe a decrease of intelligence within the community. Now before you run off getting all butthurt, hear me out…


Even in myself I see it happening all the time if I have to go out in public and wear a mask. I have a hard time breathing and start to feel lightheaded. And when I’m lightheaded I don’t think clearly. Therefore I can’t do simple things, like math. You will see me at a gas station handing a bunch of bills to the cashier and actually trusting them to do the math for me because I cannot think straight. While apparently others seem to be worse at driving… And maybe the biggest example of the dumbing down of our society is the large amounts of people still falling for all this propaganda. And I truly believe lack of oxygen could be a contributing factor to the sudden lack of independent thought. 



So now I have proof to finally back up my observations. I recently stumbled upon an article in the National Institutes of Health US National Library of Medicine that proves that this is exactly what is happening! My question is, why aren’t we putting a stop to it? Have we already been dumbed down too much? 


Breathing is vital to our survival, oxygen is the very essence of who we are. Our organs depend on the constant flow of oxygen to function properly. If we know how powerful breath is, then we need to understand the real reason behind why it is being taken away from us. I often write about our right to own and bare arms, our rights to freedom of speech, all of which they are currently trying to take away from us along with our God given right to access the most essential part of living, the need to breathe.


“chronic mild or moderate hypoxemia and hypercapnia such as from wearing facemasks resulting in shifting to higher contribution of anaerobic energy metabolism, decrease in pH levels and increase in cells and blood acidity, toxicity, oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, immunosuppression and health deterioration.”


But wait we hear the argument “masks work”… Who said? Not according to the CDC or the National Medical Library of Health… or Stanford… or any doctor with any sense to observe their Hippocratic oath to “do NO harm.” Don’t be naive enough to believe that Fauci, the highest paid government employee, is telling you we need three masks because he cares so much about the human race. His one track mind is unwilling to address the HUGE elephant in this room that is, the cure shouldn’t be more deadly than the disease itself.



I am a grown woman, so I can choose where I go and whether or not I’m going to wear a mask. However, the sad reality is that we are not giving the same courtesy to our children. I know many of you will say, “well then keep your oxygen loving kids at home then!” And to that I say, you again have proven my point of the attempts to intentionally dumb down our society!


Show me a single study that says anything about children thriving emotionally or academically being locked in their bedroom for 6 hours a day in front of a computer screen? Remember when screen time was frowned upon because it causes learning disabilities and vision problems? If we are going to follow “the science” then we MUST follow “the science.” Why are we picking and choosing which science to follow? Children are not high risk… So why are we still masking them and making them follow all these silly rules knowing full well we are messing up their little minds? Has the lack of oxygen caused the part our brain that makes someone stand up for what is obviously wrong, already been killed off? 


Masks also cause me to hyperventilate. Which is super sexy out in public, let me tell you!  But all in the name of safety right?! Also 2 out of 3 of my children claim the masks make them sick and they experience headaches almost every single day they have school. My third child still refers to her toe nails as “feet nails” so we just might not be there yet with her.


In this Information Age I truly believe ignorance is a choice. People are choosing to ignore the common sense behind how wrong it is that we are being told when and where we are allowed to feed oxygen to our organs. Do you know what the treatment for covid in a medical setting actually is? They need 100% oxygen! You cannot make this stuff up people. We have all seen the articles saying masks are ineffective at actually blocking the virus due to the size… We were then told “oh no! Its about the droplets, not the actual size of the virus.” Okay… So then why do we need 6 feet and plexiglass for spit? On top of masks! When I agreed to send my kids to school this year, I was told, those under 10 would not have to wear masks at their desks, only when getting up and walking around. However they were them all day long!!! Have you ever thrown up inside your mask? Ask my 8 year old how fun that is! 


The WHO has quietly announced “at present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID-19) on the effectiveness face masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.” Okay so if we aren’t listening to The WHO, or The CDC, then What science are we following exactly? Or should I ask, Whose science are we following?



We have no proven evidence masks DO actually work and mountains and mountains of evidence showing the “harmless” side effects that have now presented themselves such as, “self-contamination due to hand practice or non-replaced when the mask is wet, soiled or damaged, development of facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis or worsening acne and psychological discomfort. Vulnerable populations such as people with mental health disorders, developmental disabilities, hearing problems, those living in hot and humid environments, children and patients with respiratory conditions are at significant health risk for complications and harm.” Now my child comes home from school and says to me, “my teacher said your mom needs to wash your masks every single day.” Sure sure sure… Feel free to come over and help me catch up on the never ending mountain of laundry that is the story of my life… By all means, I will not stop you.


We have all known since probably middle school how it’s not healthy to breathe in your exhaled breathes because they are no longer oxygen, right? And we know that these masks are just collecting bacteria, and said toxic breath, along with all the other germs of the day. Making it so our organs are not getting the oxygen they need to thrive, including our brains! Think critically. Do you really go home after wearing your mask all day and feel awesome? Imagine how a child feels.


I have recently starting digging a little deeper into the brain and researching how the mind works. While researching neuroplasiiicity and how the different parts of our brain work I have learned that oxygen is absolutely vital for creating independent thought. Think about what you do when you meditate, you breathe deep healing breaths. Which help restore the chaos going on inside your mind and your body. If you cannot control all this chaos then you’re going to be less prone to try to think for yourself. Consider now the healing power of breath work… I have to take my mask off and work on deep breathing techniques or else my hyperventilating turns into a full blown panic attack. I used to think this was because i was dealing with some PTSD issues but after reading through these medical journals I am finding this is absolutely the way our bodies should be reacting the being denied oxygen. It’s our bodies warning us something is wrong. So now knowing what lack of oxygen does to our vital organs lets talk about the psychological effects of masking while we are at it.



Wearing masks is proven to have negative effects on the wearer and any nearby person, “Basic human-to-human connectivity through face expression is compromised and self-identity is somewhat eliminated. These dehumanizing movements partially delete the uniqueness and individuality of person who were wearing the facemask as well as the connected person. Social connections and relationships are basic human needs, which innately inherited in all people, whereas reduced human-to-human connections are associated with poor mental and physical health.”


Wearing masks can cause hypoxic and hypercapnic states that constantly challenge our normal homeostasis, activating our “fight or flight” response, which is “an important survival mechanism in the human body. The acute stress response includes activation of nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, and the immune systems. These include activation of the limbic part of the brain, release stress hormones (adrenalin, neuro-adrenalin and cortisol), changes in blood flow distribution (vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels and vasoconstriction of visceral blood vessels) and activation of the immune system response (secretion of macrophages and natural killer cells). Encountering people who wearing facemasks activates innate stress-fear emotion, which is fundamental to all humans in danger or life threatening situations, such as death or unknown, unpredictable outcome. While acute stress response (seconds to minutes) is adaptive reaction to challenges and part of the survival mechanism, chronic and prolonged state of stress-fear is maladaptive and has detrimental effects on physical and mental health. The repeatedly or continuously activated stress-fear response causes the body to operate on survival mode, having sustain increase in blood pressure, pro-inflammatory state and immunosuppression.”



At this point I feel like diving into the long term effects of mask wearing would be like beating a dead horse. All of my information is backed by a medical journal article posted on the National Center for Biotechnological Information Government website… yes that’s right, I said official government website. NCBI is a branch of the National Institute for Health. As always I encourage all my readers to do their own research this is just what I have found. I have yet to find any legit scientific evidence or research that shows masks are actually benefiting us or our children in any way. 


So as some of us parents are waking up we are reaching out to those principles, teachers, healthcare providers, all those claiming our children are their number one priority… If this is actually true then please be a voice that stands up for our little ones. We are pleading on behalf of the health of our future generation. It’s time to put politics and money aside, really think about humanity and how breath is literally essential to our existence. If we know that our children are in danger of something way deadlier to them than covid then, knowing all we know, why are we still entertaining this? I agree if we sit back and do nothing than we get what we deserve when it comes to government overreach but this is our childrens health and wellbeing!  I cannot sit idly by and say I did nothing. I guess that’s why my kids call me a “Karen.”




Link to Medica Journal Entry 



2 replies to “Common Sense Is NOT Common, Dumbing Down Society With Masks

  1. Janell

    I completely 10000% agree! I am a Pediatric nurse practitioner and I work as a school nurse. It hurts my heart to see kids outside , far apart from anyone, wearing a mask. I also see them walking home in a mask. This is not science, this is fear. I don’t wear a mask unless I’m risking being kicked out of a business. People give me the dirtiest looks but I’m healthy!!!!

  2. Grace

    Truth! (And, thank you, Janell!) I’m sick with horror at what political leaders world-wide, prostituted to big moneyed interests, are engaged in. This is so dark and disturbing, I’ve gone through much of the last few months unable to sleep or eat normally. The most disturbing thing of all is that so few seem to realize what is happening and not only are not resisting, but instead stupidly are carrying water for a powerful elite, who, with their incessant lies and bogus public health measures, are hellbent on medically gagging & raping, stealth-ethanizing, and instituting, step-by incremental step, the global surveillance state for total population control. It’s truly a nightmare. God help us all to stand up against this before it’s too late. Very likely it is already too late for most who have already taken the deadly experimental drugs—in reality, gene “therapies”—that are ticking time bombs that will teach the body to destroy itself! 😢

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