Project Veritas has done it again. They have recently leaked exclusive photos of the inhumane conditions taking place in Donna, Texas at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection overflow facility. Project veritas exposed images showing overcrowded glass pods, where people literally look like lab rats stuck in a terrarium. They were sleeping in uncomfortably close proximities to each other, wrapped in what appears to be foil or metal type blankets. Pillow-less laying on the cold concrete. The image makes me think of animals being rounded up for the slaughter. 

The current administration has blocked media coverage on the current situation at the border. There is even an unspoken gag order were no one is allowed to discuss or question what is going on there. These conditions come after the long term shelters and detention centers exceeded capacity. Due to tight restrictions on keeping this hidden from the general public project veritas was asked to leave the property by security stating that it was private property. In a clever fashion like only clever journalist can pull off, James O’Keefe flew over the facility to get a better view of the conditions. 

According to the newly released project veritas video; “there is approximately 3000 inside the detention center. Each pod has 8 cells that are currently holding 600 unaccompanied juvenile males ages 7-17 separated by age or size. 50 people in facility are currently covid positive. There have been multiple sexual assaults, multiple normal assaults and daily medical emergencies” 

It is also no surprise that Pres. Sec. Psaki dodged answering questions about their lack of transparency stating “We remain committed to transparency. I don’t have an update for you on the timeline.” To add icing to this delicious cake of the new admins “transparency,” Democrat Representative Henry Cullar of Texas also released disturbing photos of the crisis on the Texas border. Let’s hope for Psakis sake she decides to “circle back” on this one now that the cats out of the bag.



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