By Kristen Johnson

As one scientist said during the 60 Minutes interview that aired this weekend, “Its not science fiction, it’s science fact.” Less than a year ago I first learned of DARPA and I believe that any thing I may have ever discussed or posted about it on social media had me lookin full blown tin foil hat. On Sunday night 60 minutes did a pretty in-depth interview with scientists at DARPA, which stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Conspiracy no more, in this mainstream media interview we see Pentagon scientists who have created a microchip to be inserted under the skin capable of detecting the rona. These Super secret scientists also bragged about a filter system they created which they have been using on emergency basis. Literally removing the patients blood, supposedly cleaning it and then removing  the virus from the blood, returning the blood back to the body via a dialysis machine. This video was shocking to say the least. These DARPA scientists have been working with trying to come up with a solution to ending pandemics for years and this was their moment to shine. 

This new microchip invention is suppose to detect covid in an persons body before they show symptoms. So we have a super secretive government agency openly discussing a microchip they want to implant in citizen, all while in the same breath reassuring the 60 Minutes anchor that the Pentagon isn’t out to track your every move. He did not feel the need to further elaborate on this. 

The microchip is a green tissue like gel that would be inserted under the skin continuously testing the blood. So it would be able to let you know if there’s some sort of “chemical reaction” going on inside your body signaling there will most likely be symptoms the following day. DARPA boasts this new technology as a sort of check engine light for the human body. It should also be noted that they receive this information from this microchip within 3 to 5 minutes. What in the NWO is going on right now guys?!



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