By Kristen Johnson

The border crisis nightmare continues as the government turns a blind eye, too busy claiming racism, and the need for gun control are the “major health crisis” that we face. Talk about trying to deflect.

Congressman Chip Roy from Texas made a statement this week saying “The most important thing for the American people to understand is that cartels control the border… This administration is allowing it to happen, they are doing it in the name of illegal immigrants and are not compassionate to be forcing people to have to go through the chains of cartels to come to the United States.” 

The congressman claims the Gulf Cartel as well as the Cartel Del Noreste Faction of Los Zetas have current control of the border. With each having their own respective territories. The congressman stated, as our government continues to grow weaker the cartels are currently reaping the rewards and profiting immensely  off a failed administration. 

And true to form, all this new cartel Activity is playing out exactly like we would see in a movie, don’t ya think? An increase in drug trafficking, human trafficking, fentanyl, deaths, kidnappings, extortion, rapes, crime, covid, shall I continue??? This is a humanitarian crisis that has been signed sealed and delivered by “the peoples choice.” And yes I say that with sarcasm.



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