By Kristen Johnson 

On Monday, in what sounds like the beginning of a great James Bond flick, armed militants attacked a prison in Nigeria allowing nearly 2,000 prisoners to escape.  The heavily armed gunman stormed the prison at approximately 2:15 a.m. on April 5th. 

On Monday a statement was made by a Nigerian correctional service spokesman who said, “The attackers who stormed the facility … gained entrance into the yard by using explosives to blast the administrative block. They were said to have arrived at the center in their large number in several Hilux pick-up vans and Sienna buses armed with sophisticated weapons and immediately engaged the security personnel on duty in a fierce gun battle. They eventually detonated the explosive to gain entrance.” These were sophisticated weapons such as, AK49 rifles,General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs), Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs), IEDs as well as RPGs.

This attack was believed to be acted out by members of a Nigerian separatist group called the “Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Also attempting to infiltrate the prisons headquarters and armory however the police were successfully about to gain control of the situation. Deemed an official terrorist organization by the Nigerian government in 2017. 



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