By Kristen Johnson


UK has officially confirmed the National Health Service (NHS) app will be the First official vaccine passport to be used for international travel. The British will now be required to present their compliancy status just to be able to leave the country. 


The government is currently working to add functionality to this app which will include vaccination or compliancy statuses or any sort of test results for covid.  It is not clear which countries will be participating. While some are willing to accept the vaccine card others are pushing for the digital pass due to concerns of forgery. Over the next couple weeks we will know which countries plan to use this NHS app because they will be on the governments ‘Green List,’ which is the countries that can be traveled to that you do require a quarantine upon returning. 


Currently foreign holidays are banned under government lockdown regulations. However they are set to resume next month. So the race begins, the transport minister says the government “will have to be very cautious about opening up travel fully, beyond our shores, we are seeing the highest levels of coronavirus that we have seen so far in the entire pandemic, right now. So we do need to make sure we do this very, very carefully… We don’t want to throw away the lockdown, we don’t want to throw away our remarkable rollout in this country of the vaccination.”  

Never let a good crisis go to waste…



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