By Kristen Johnson

In todays episode of cancel culture, Nickelodeon has officially pulled an episode from season 12 of Spongebob SquarePants. The network claims the episode “The Kwarantined Crab” has a virus storyline eerily close to the current plan-demic. 

This “sensitive” episode is about a “clam flu” outbreak at the Krusty Krab, resulting in the quarantine of all customers inside. The episode is strikingly similar to what we are seeing being played out in society today in regards to masks and vaccines. The mask mandates have created tension, strained relationships, caused fights all around the world. 

The characters begin to distrust each other, shunning those who they believe has the virus, and throwing them into a freezer. Sounds a lot like the reality we have been living this past year. However Nickelodeon has decided to protect its viewers by deeming this episode as too sensitive.  Unfortunately the only version of this episode that one is able to view is a 45 second clip, in Spanish, on YouTube.



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