By Kristen Johnson

An announcement was made that two suspected terrorists were apprehended at the border… then suddenly “poof” it disappeared. The reason why? Well according to the Department of Homeland Security it “contained sensitive information.” 

On Monday Customs and Border Protection announced two Yemeni nationals were captured on the border. Turns out these two are on the No-Fly list as well as the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List. This was quickly scrubbed from the inter-webs but a decent amount of congress had seen the tweet before it was removed, questioning the Biden Administrations motives removing previously pubic information. To which they responded that the information had not been properly vetted. I cannot help but feel my eye brows in a narrowing position as I type this out because I call this straight up Oscar Myer. 

As an everyday American you have to question, Who are all these people flooding into the U.S.? If they are known terrorists, I believe we as Americans are entitled to at least a tweet letting us know just that. So much for transparency. Watching the easter bunny wearing a mask at the White House while reporters tee-he’d confirmed all the more of what I am already realizing about the death of journalism.



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