Ah yes California dreaming….

Imagine it is January of 2020 and you have never heard of covid. You purchase your dream home, $560,000 CASH… ah yes the American dream! Escrow closes on January 31st 2020 and the house is finally yours… The only problem? The person who you just gave nearly 600K too is now refusing to give up the keys and leave. Just squatting comfortably in YOUR new home due to a loophole in the Covid Eviction Moratorium.

Tracie and Myles Albert still living this nightmare. They have still not been able to move into their paid for dream home located Riverside California. The sale was completed and all parties involved had signed escrow papers and the home was now theirs, free and clear. 

Currently the previous owner is squatting under the Covid eviction loophole, making it impossible for local authorities to do anything in regards to getting the squatter off the property. 

This has been financially and emotionally draining on the Alberts. They struggle wrapping their heads around how they could have no rights to go into their own home that they bought and paid for. 

In an  interview with Fox 11 the couple reported: “It’s genuinely unfathomable to me that we live in a state where something like this is even possible. They closed escrow on this home January 31, 2020.” The Alberts and Taylor have contacted authorities and tried to get the seller evicted but because of the pandemic, they’ve gotten nowhere.

“They have this case under a COVID tenant situation, of no evictions when it doesn’t fall under that at all. This transaction went through in January 2020 before any of that, it isn’t a renter who was getting thrown out. It’s the guy who collected all of this money,” stated Myles.

Eviction Attorney Dennis Block says, “This year alone, we’ve handled at least 7 maybe 8 cases of this exact type of situation.”

“This person is not a tenant, it’s a previous owner who is enjoying the benefits of the money that was transferred to his account but of course doesn’t want to move out of the premises that he no longer owns,” 

Tracie said at one point she even tried to water the lawn once and the squatter came out ripping all the sprinkler lines. She said that the palms trees are all dying and everything that was beautiful is now dying.

On Tuesday Walt Disney World announced it will be conducting a month long test using facial recognition technology on its guests. To track them and their experience at the Magic Kingdom. This test will run until April 23rd. Disney assures that facial recognition testing will be optional. 

Guests that are interesting in this trial will need to enter through a “designated test lane” at the parks entrance. Those participating will need to remove sunglasses, hats, or any thing that may cover ones face. At which point guests scan their pass, then their face generating a unique number for each admission. Disney has assured volunteers that “implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures” to protect the information gathered. Any images and consequent identification numbers will be discarded at the conclusion of the test period.”

In an official announcement, Disney says they are looking for “innovative and convenient ways to improve our Guests’ experience—especially as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. The test is part of an effort to shift in focus to more touchless experiences.”



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