Miami Beach Police had to call on SWAT Teams to regain control after wild spring breakers broke the covid-19 8PM emergency curfew Saturday. Social media videos show stampedes as things start getting out of control as pepper balls are fired into the crowds. The partying continued  for hours into the night . Literally FOUR hours. That is how long it took the SWAT teams to block the streets while firing off sound cannons in failed attempts to clear the party goers. It was not until close to midnight that the streets were finally cleared.

Social media posts show a modern day version of girls gone wild as women twerked on top of cars. Videos show one woman support for the boys in blue by provocatively dancing on top of a police cruiser. Police fired pepper balls into the crowds causing a stampede, knocking many to the ground. Another dedicated man victoriously held a bottle of Hennessy in the air to protect it from smashing. 

As this story develops it is not clear whether or not anyone was seriously injured or if any arrests were made.

It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was injured, and Miami Beach Police has yet to announce if there were any arrests.



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