By Kristen Johnson

Three people died from COVID-19, after receiving the vaccination. 168 of those vaccinated received a positive covid test at least 2 weeks after receiving the final jab. These numbers are according to The Oregon Health Authority or the OHA. They go on to claim this is “a very small proportion of the more than 700,000 people in Oregon who have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” said OHA claiming that no vaccine in 100% effective. 

According to recent reports from Tel Aviv University it has been discovered the South African variant is affecting those vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine more so than their unvaccinated counterparts. Meaning this so called variant is capable of “breaking through the vaccines protection.” So basically keep wearing your masks forever because we will continue to create “new variants” that the vaccines do not protect against. Are we still buying this?



2 replies to “Three Vaccinated COVID Deaths in Oregon

  1. Darren Robert

    I never bought into it, its time they give it up, but until the masses start to refuse it, they will keep insisting and even enforcing it, as we are seeing, too many experts are speaking out against it with devastating information regarding ongoing side affects and possible long term immune deficiencies, as well as Death and substantial reduction in life expectancy. MSM do not report the true number of substantial side effected cases, the information is and has been available as to the ingredients and unforeseen risks, not that you could ignore the controversy behind a “virus” that there is no documentation evident, as to whether the virus has even been isolated? So who in their right mind would trust anything produced by a bloke that has openly admitted, and (has killed thousands of African’s and Indian people to prove it mind you) that “DEPOPULATION” is his main objective, to inject them with an un-tested possible life threatening poison?

    Especially since it is proven without doubt that media/government have been streaming propaganda for some time, leading us directly toward the NWO and WEF’s Great reset, government has been infiltrated and lead by the Elite and wealthy minority, working to force the mass majority into a socialist, communistic global government, they have told us they are doing it, did people not believe them? Because its happening everywhere the same familiar tactics have been implicated worldwide, way too many people are still asleep. So the minority that are awake are going to have to go it alone, so i hope they wake up soon, either way myself and millions of others are prepared to stand up and will not be going down without a fight!

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