By Kristen Johnson

Two veterinarians have been charged and are facing time for allegedly administering vaccines meant for dogs to humans. These doctors provided canine booster shots to themselves and others with the intent to immunize against covid. 

Both veterinarians were located in Calama, which is northern Chile region of Antofagasta. One was reported to the government after the Undersecretary of Health arrived at the premises and, “we saw the staff without masks, we consulted them and they said that they were vaccinated by the veterinarian  against Covid-19 when we (Chile) still did not have a vaccine. I’m talking about last year.” 

The government has now launched a probe into said rogue vaccinations. Both veterinarians admitted injected themselves with the canine booster shot. Stating, “If the vaccine is so bad, then why didn’t it do anything to me? Why doesn’t the (regional health authority) come and test my blood to see if it has antibodies against covid?”

This doggy booster protects from eight viral diseases, distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus II, parainfluenza, canine hepatitis, 2 strains of leptospirosis, feline AIDs… just kidding. Wanted to see if you were still listening, and finally canine coronavirus. 

One of the vets secretary also got vaccinated along with her husband and two children. None have claimed to be experiencing any side effects or any symptoms of covid. 



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