By Kristen Johnson


Are we really believing all this nonsense? A British virology expert came out this week and is urging people to refrain from hugging each other. Claiming that contact with loved ones after lockdown may cause the virus to “mutate and build up resistance to vaccines.” 

This silly claim was made on the basis that many people have only received one dose of the vaccine so far which could make them liable of transmitting the disease when hugging a loved one.  A professor of Nottingham University must have came to this conclusion on a lonely romanceless night. Warning that human contact may lead to mutations of Covid that may become immune to vaccines… Isn’t that interesting. Covid can be immune to vaccines but even after taking a vaccine YOU are still NOT immune to covid. Still buying it?

He went on to say, “they could become infected and that could lead to the generation of viruses that are less susceptible to those vaccines that we’re going to rely on so much in the future.” My question is why are we going to be relying on these vaccines SO MUCH in the future? Could it be because it is not actually a vaccine? 

The virology expert claims, “If we can wait a bit longer until we vaccinate more of the younger people to suppress the amount of circulating virus more completely, hugging will become safer later on this year.” 

How does it make you feel that the government is still telling us a year later that we can not hug grandma unless we want to be labeled as a stone cold killer?



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