By Kristen Johnson


As I was dropping my children off this morning my son asked who died today since the flag was at half staff. I explained the best I could what was going on, as we discussed gun control I said, “now you don’t need to run around telling your teachers or friends about your moms wild conspiracies.” To which he replied, “trust me I don’t. They would think you were crazy.” 

My point being. These so called conspiracies are quickly becoming a reality under this new administration. There has been an extreme push of EO’s and bills being rushed through and we are only in the beginning months of all this. Biden gave his first press conference yesterday after being in office a full 60 odd days. So much for the party of transparency. We all know the election was stolen by a landslide. The level of cheating shows they will stop at nothing to get what they want. 

Including staged mass shootings. As well as pre-scripted “press conferences.” Where all the reporters and questions were selected before hand. During Bidens press conference photos revealed he had a cheat sheet of reporters to call on. The image shows photos of journalists with hand written numbers next to their names and photos. And ironically enough it has been discovered that all the reporters he called on are the ones who’s faces were circled. It is not clear exactly who is running this country right now but my gut is telling me its not Joe. 

Whoever is running the show right now is making a pretty bold statement and that is that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Biden made an alarming statement on Thursday when asked if he believes he will be running against former President Trump in 2024 “oh come on, I don’t even think about it, I have no idea, I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party, do you?” This was a painful press conference to watch. It truly makes my heart long for the good old days where there was a man who spoke in complete fluid sentences and knew everyones names. 



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