Food is a real mood-changer for most of us, right?

Just think about it…what are you doing when you are feeling frustrated or sad? Most people would dig into the drawer and find that chocolate or sweets. I am pretty sure you are no different from the rest of us, but if you are, then the “exception makes the rules stronger” saying is for you.

It is no surprise that food is a huge source of inspiration for fashion, too. Top world famous brands from all over the world are jumping onto this yummy bandwagon. Join the club and read below for our most favourites.


Our favourites being these dresses from Moschino. That jaw dropping dress also makes our brains want that chocolate doing the catwalk. You will surely stand out and attract a lot of interest wearing one of these at the next event. Can we have some please?


Fruit Salad Mules

Another one of our favourites is this pair of real beauty. Designer Charlotte Olympia creates slippers (and shoes) that are both chic and comfortable and let’s just say a little bit different from the average. The mules on the picture are actually called the Fruit Salad MulesOlympia’s website says that they are:

“a nod to the luscious flavors of Rio de Janeiro, these tropical fruit embroidered slides give your look a taste of Brazil.”

Sold for $495 but you might be able to order them cheaper due to the upcoming January sales. Go get ’em tiger!




BY Schumann Daily / March 22, 2021


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