Lots of people choose to spend their vacation traveling around the world. Asia makes a top location to spend the holidays since it has an interesting culture as well as amazing nature. There are some exclusive locations that may be worth your money. After all, it’s only natural to indulge in luxury every once in a while as long as you can afford it.

We are now taking a look at 3 super exclusive holiday destinations in Asia. Of course, there are always ways to get discounts if you decide to visit these cities.


In addition to costly plane tickets,  your experience in Singapore is estimated to cost around $320 dollars per day. You can’t miss the breath-taking music and light show in Marina Bay, breakfast with orangutans at the Singapore Zoo, or a bike tour of the entire city instead of going to the gym. Furthermore, additional attractions and entertainment will cost you even more. Needless to say that each ticket to these activities may cost up to $50 dollars per person. On the bright side, the city features many stunning areas for you to enjoy on your holidays, so as long as your “pocket money” allows you are guaranteed to have a great time!


The spectacular city of Dubai is definitely the most sought after holiday destination in the United Arab Emirates. The most popular attractions in Dubai include Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, the infamous Dubai Mall, equipped with an enormous aquarium filled with sealife and Atlantis, The Palm. Taking a tour of old Dubai is also a good idea to get the ideal cultural experience. During certain times of the year you can also experience festivals or shows for the whole family to enjoy. Lodging and food costs anywhere between $250-$700 per person for just one day. You can also book a at a certain additional fee.


The attractions offered in Tokyo are really special. Tokyo is the glittering capital city of Japan also known for its futuristic architecture and fluorescent neonish glow. Remember to check out the cherry blossom festival, and to taste some real sushi. It’s also a good idea to visit the famous Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, and the Ginza district.

You may be able to travel the city on a budget. However the usual tours are very expensive, especially during the holidays. A tour can cost up to $600 dollars per day per person.


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