Today started in 3D purge energy that was lightly coming through in the beta frequency range, giving us a highly focused and alert state of mind. A horizontal line of 3D purge energy carried of from yesterday along the 20Hz line. A few more horizontal lines appeared in the theta and delta frequency ranges. The 3D purge energy intensified around 0500 and began to come through in the gamma frequency range. That gives us a peak focus and expanded consciousness. At 0800 the 3D purge energy dropped back into the beta frequency range, and really intensified in the delta, theta and alpha ranges. A few quick spikes occurred just before 1100 that shot straight into the gamma frequency range, then another at 1130. Density and blockages began to flicker in and out in the delta and theta frequency ranges. At 1500 another quick spike shot down into the gamma frequency range. At 1530 a lot of blockages appeared then 5D light coding pushed through. At 1600 a massive spike of 5D light coding began, and it shot off of the graph shortly after 1700. That spike hit 80 in amplitude at 2000 then slowly dropped back down into the beta frequency range by 2100. By 2200 it fell back into the alpha frequency range, putting us in a focused and alert state of mind. It didn’t stay there long and dropped into the theta frequency range by 2230. That put us in a drowsy state of mind similar to the first stage of sleep, and continued that way for the remainder of the day. Large 5D light coding spikes like today’s can really have an effect on us. If you feel any of the symptoms affiliated with these spikes, remember to ground yourself. Walking barefoot in the grass, hugging your pets, hands on gardening are all ways to ground yourself and reset your bodies electrical current.



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