The day started out in 3D ourge energy coming through in the alpha frequency range. That had us in a relaxed but alert state of mind. A horizontal line of 3D purge energy carried over from yesterday following the 20Hz line. There were technology lines that also carried over from yesterday and continued the entire day. At 0300 the 3D purge energy began to intensify, coming through the beta frequency range. That put us is a highly alert and focused state of mind. By 0330 density and blockages appeared around the 7.83Hz line. At 0500 the 3D purge energy reached the gamma frequency range, giving us a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. By 0530 more density and blockages appeared around the 14Hz and 20Hz lines, then ended by 0630. By 0700 the 3D purge energy fell back down into the beta frequency range, and the density and blockages around the 7.83Hz line ended. At 0730 3D purge energy blanketed the theta frequency range and part of the delta frequency range as well. That 3D purge energy would vanish then re-emerge just after 0800. At 0900 density showed up in the theta frequency range for a brief moment then dissappeared. At 1100 more density and blockages appeared around the 7.83Hz line and around the 6Hz line as well. There were two quick spikes one just before 1100 and the other at 1100, after that the 3D purge energy began to intensify in the beta frequency range. The 3D purge energy in the delta and theta frequency ranges fadded a way and by 1200 the density and blockages ended. At 1530 density and blockages started to flicker in and out around the 7.83Hz line. At 1700 that density and blockages appeared throughout the theta range and shot up into the alpha frequency range before quickly returning to coming through around the 7.83Hz line only. At 2200 the 3D purge energy began to weaken in the beta frequency range at the same time it intensified and covered the theta. The density and blockages ended shortly after 2200. We ended the day with 3D purge energy lightly coming through in beta frequency range, leaving us in a highly alert and focused.



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