Today started out in 3D purge energy that was coming through in the beta frequency range. That as us in a highly alert and focused state of mind as the day began. A solid horizontal line of 3D purge energy along 20Hz carried over from yesterday. Technology lines also carried over from yesterday and they were coming through very distinctly. There was a tiny spike on one of the technology lines just before 0300. The 3D purge energy slowly intensified and at 0500 it started showing up in the gamma frequency range. That put us in a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind until just after 0800. At that time there was a quick spike of 5D light coding that reached the alpha frequency range and immediately ended, leaving us in 3D purge energy that came through in the beta frequency range. At 1100 a quick spike of 3D purge energy shot into the gamma frequency range and back down, then ended instantly. Around 1230 the 3D purge energy began to appear in the gamma frequency range again. At 1330 one last quick spike of 3D purge energy shot into the gamma frequency range before ending. At 1500 the 3D purge energy began to intensify in the alpha and beta frequency ranges. After 1700 we have more missing data, that missing data stayed missing for the remainder of the day. I can’t help but look at the technology lines we had today. I noticed along the 2Hz line there was a pattern of every other space in between technology lines were blue then black. So we are missing half the data for 2Hz as well as from 1700 to 2400. On days like this where we don’t have the data to show us what the Schumann is doing, we can still feel it. By paying attention to your body and watching for symptoms, we can feel if we are in a 5D spike or not. If you are feeling any symptoms like: dizziness, random mood swings, headache, nausea, ringing in your ears, restless/sleepless nights, anxiety, just to name a few. Then you can get rid of those symptoms by grounding yourself and reconnecting with mother nature.



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