The day started of in 3D purge energy that was coming through in the beta frequency range. That had us in a highly alert and focused state of mind as the day began. Technology lines carried over from yesterday and continued throughout the day. Notice how in the delta and theta frequency range the technology lines are coming through in 5D light coding. At 0200 the 3D purge energy intensified and pushed into the gamma frequency range, density and blockages appeared around the 7.83Hz as well. By 0230 5D light coding came around 7.83Hz, at the same time 3D purge energy filled in the theta frequency range then disappeared by 0300. At this time the 5D light began to flicker in and out along 7.83Hz, those flickers intensified at 0400. Some Density also appeared at 0400 around 14Hz and some more around 20Hz. Just before 0700 those density patches intensified and blockages appeared around 14Hz. All the density and blockages disappeared around 0730 and the 5D light coding around 7.83Hz ended. 3D purge energy coming through in the beta frequency range. There was a quick spike of 5D light coding that shot into the gamma frequency range then instantly ended. At 1500 the 3D purge energy intensified and pushed into the gamma frequency range, that put us in a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. Around 1930 a quick 5D light coding spike occurred in the alpha frequency range then immediately ended. By 2100 another 5D light coding spike that for a brief amount of time came through in the gamma range, then dropped down into the theta range before shooting back up into the beta range. By 2130 the 5D light coding spike ended and 3D Purge energy resumed and was coming through in the gamma frequency range for the remainder of the day.



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