Today started with a lot of blockages in the delta frequency range with 5D light coding flickering in and out. That gave us a state of mind similar to a deep sleep. A horizontal line of 3D purge energy on the 20Hz line carried over from yesterday and continued most of the day. At 0200 the blockages and 5D light coding ended and 3D purge energy lightly coming through in the beta frequency range took over, giving us a highly alert and focused state of mind. A few small spikes occurred around 0230 and the 3D purge energy began to intensify around 0400. By 0500 the 3D purge energy slightly appeared in the gamma frequency range, briefly giving us a peak focus and expanded state of mind. At that time a small amount of 3D purge energy showed up in the delta frequency range as well. By 0800 a few small spike occurred, after that the 3D purge energy started to lighten up and fell back sown into the alpha frequency range. At 1100 a quick spike of 5D light coding shot strait into the gamma frequency range and then disappeared. Around 1230 a series of little spikes started and by 1300 the 3D purge energy began to intensify into the beta frequency range again. At 1400 a 5D light coding spike started in the theta frequency range pitting us in a drowsy state of mind, similar to the first stage of sleep. That spike stayed around that frequency range until 1830 then it quickly intensified reaching the gamma frequency range shortly after 1900. The 5D light coding spike dropped back down into the alpha frequency range before instantly shooting strait up and off of the graph just befor 2000. That spike hit 78 in amplitude, so it was a rather powerful spike. Then shortly after 2000 the spike dropped back down into the theta frequency range then again intensified back up and off the graph just before 2100. At 2100 the 5D light coding instantly ended leaving us in 3D purge energy coming through in the beta frequency range, that horizontal line on 20Hz returned as well. At 2300 a small amount of density and a lot of blockages showed up around the 7.83Hz line and into the delta frequency range and ended just before 0000.



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