August 6th
The day started out with missing data, that carried over from 0630 of August 5th, 2021. After just short of twenty eight hours of missing data, right before 1100 it started back up . It first appeared in 3D purge energy coming through lightly in the gamma frequency range, giving us a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. There was also density and blockages around the 7.83Hz line as well as the technology lines, when the data picked back up. It amped up at 1130 with 5D light coding barley pushing through on the 7.83Hz line, and more 3D purge energy appeared in the delta frequency range. There was a very quick spike at 1145 that shot off of the graph. Then at noon another 5D light coding spike started and quickly jumped up into the gamma frequency range. It ended at 1230 and the 3D purge energy was coming through stronger in the gamma frequency range. Just before 1400 another quick 5D light coding spike occurred that shot strait off of the graph, and ended by 1400. 3D purge energy resumed in the gamma frequency range, with density and some blockages showing up around the 7.83Hz line. There was another short 5D light coding spike at 1500 that came through in the thetha frequency range, giving us a drowsy state of mind for a short while before returning to 3D purge energry. By 1530 the 3D purge energy in the gamma frequency began to weaken, and a lot of density and blockages appeared around the 7.83Hz line. All of the density and blockages ended by 1630, then reappeared at 1700. By 1800 the density and blockages started to flicker in and out, then arpund 2100 the 3D purge energy dropped down into the beta frequency range. At 2230 another 5D light coding spike began. It quickly intensified and was off of the graph by 2300. We stayed in the gamma frequency range with a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind almost the remainder of the day, dropping down into tje beta range right before the day ended.



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