The day started in 5D light coding spike, that came through in the beta frequency range. That gave us a highly alert and focused state of mind. The 5D light coding spike fadded away by 0100 and 3D purge took over and also came in the beta frequency range. At this time 3D purge energy showed up in the form of technology lines. Two horizontal lines of 3D purge energy started to form along the 20Hz and 24Hz lines. Around 0430 the 3D purge energy began to intensify and began to come through in the gamma frequency range. That put us in a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. Sortly after 0500 density and blockages showed up along the 7.83Hz line and 20Hz line. At 0600 more density and blockages emerged around the 14Hz line. By 0830 all the density and blockages ended, and the 3D purge energy dropped into the beta range. Just before 1000 the density and blockages began to show up along the 7.83Hz line again. At 1230 we have some missing data, the data started back up around 1330. There was still a small amout of 3D purge energy in the delta frequency range after the technology lines seemed to have ended. The 3D purge energy was back up into the gamma frequency range at this time. At 1730 the density and blockages began to intensified and come through around the 14Hz line again. Around 1900 there was a bit of 3D purge energy that showed up in the delta frequency range and then quickly ended. Then around 1930 5D light coding flickered in and out along the 7.83Hz line, and a lot of 3D purge energy reappeared in the delta frequency range. Around 2000 blockages showed up around the 14Hz and 20Hz lines, but didnt stay long and ended quickly. There was a needle shaped spike just before 2100, after that things started calming down. The 3D purge energy fell into the beta frequency range again and all the density and blockages had ended by 2100. There were a few tiny needle shaped spikes that occurred, then at 2230 a short spike in 5D light coding came through the delta frequency range. That spike lasted only a few minutes before the blockages emerged ending the 5D light coding. Shortly after 2300 the blockages around the 7.83Hz line ended and the 3D purge energy dropped down into the alpha frequency range. We ended the day with a relaxed but alert state of mind.



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