June 4th, 2021 Daily Schumann Resonance Report.

For the first two thirds of the day we had a nice mellow 3D purge frequency down into the beta frequency range. The beta vibrational frequency range puts us in a conscious, fully awake and alert state of mind. Around 1530 we received the first 5D light coding spike. That spike lasted about an hour and hit the alpha frequency range, which put us in a deeply relaxed, calm and conscious state of mind. Throughout the rest of the night we kept receiving 5D light coding spikes, that would all reached the alpha frequency range. While we are in those spikes we may feel a few side effects for example vertigo, headaches, ringing in your ears, accelerated heart rate. You may also feel some anxiety, sleepless nights or difficulty concentrating. To get rid of these symptoms you can ground yourself out by walking barefoot in some grass. You could also hug your pets or even a tree. Connecting yourself to nature should do the trick.



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