The day started out with heavy 3D purge energy down in the delta range, the mind state we receive from that is like a deep sleep. By 0030 that 3D purge energy in the delta range faded away then was lightly coming though in the beta frequency putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. Around 0230 density showed up in the delta frequency range and 5D light coding seemed to be flickering in and out there as well. Shortly after 0300 the flickering of 5D light coding began to stay closer to the 7.83Hz line and started to look like a horizontal line. 3D purge energy started coming through stronger in the theta and alpha ranges and even slightly in the gamma frequency range. Then quickly clamed back down around 0600 the same time the 5D light coding stopped flickering in and out. The 3D purge energy was just barley coming through in the gamma frequency range putting us in a peak focus and extended consciousness state of mind. That 3D purge energy slowly built-up intensity in the gamma and alpha frequency ranges with a tiny spike at 1000. We appeared to have another tiny spike around 1130 with another coming through around 1330. The 3D purge energy continued to rise in intensity and by 1600 was coming though heavily in the theta range, with flickering 5D light coding along the 7.83Hz line. The intensity of the 3D purge energy peaked out around 1800 and began to lighten up by 1800. The flickering 5D light coding continued for a while longer then stopped around 1930 after another small spike. The 3D purge energy dropped out of the gamma range and into the beta range at 2300, giving us a highly focused and alert state of mind for the last hour of the day. Those evenly spread vertical lines spanning from the delta frequency range through to the gamma frequency range and appears to have blockages on each one in a horizontal line. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and hug your pets or even a tree to keep yourselves grounded.



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