The day started in 5D light coding reaching the theta frequency range. That put us in a drowsy mind state, similar to the first stage of sleep. The 5D light coding fadded a little big then came back in stronger and by 0300 it was just barley coming through in the alpha frequency range. With the alpha frequencies we get a relaxed but alert state of mind. It stayed like this until shortly afer 0500 when there was a small spike then changed into 3D purge energy. The 3D purge energy came through in the beta frequency range, giving us a highly alert and focused state of mind. With blockages showing up on the 7.83Hz line it stayed in 3D purge energy until 0700 when another 5D light coding spike came through. The 5D light coding was showing up in the theta frequency range and was going in and out of 3D purge energy. After 1330 the 3D purge energy came through in the gamma frequency range giving us a peak focus and extended consciousnes state of mind, and the 5D light coding stated flickering in and out after 1430. A lot of density and blockages were showed up along the 7.83Hz line and covering the theta frequency range. At 1700 we had another large 5D light codinf spike that quickly climbed up into the gamma frequency range putting us back into a peak focus and extended consciousnes mind state. There was a white out shortly after 1900 with an amplitude of 61, then started to come back down shortly after 2000. The 5D light coding dropped all the way down to the theta frequency range by 2300, then quickly climbed back up into the beta range. We ended the day with a highly focused and alert state of mind, with 5D light coding in the beta frequency range. Those vertical technology lines that have been showing up the past few days, were still there and seem to stay in whatever frequency range the 3D purge energy is in at the time.



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