Today started in 5D light coding in the alpha frequency range, with a relaxed but alert mind state. The 5D light coding ended by 0130 and 3D purge energy took over coming through heavily in the delta frequency range. The delta range gives us a deep sleep state of mind. Some density was lightly showing up in the delta and theta frequency ranges. By 0300 the density and blockages intensified along the 7.83Hz line and by 0330 the 3D purge energy was coming in think through the beta frequency range. That gave us a highly alert and focused mind state. Just before 0400 the 3D purge energy reached the gamma frequency range giving us a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. A light patch of density started to show in the theta range as well. By 0530 the 3D purge energy died back down into the beta frequency range and most of the densiy and blockages calmed down. We stayed in the beta range and shortly after 0700 there was a tiny spike and another just after 0800 as well. Another needle shaped spike occurred at 1000 and appears to have gone all the way into the gamma range. The 3D purge energry continued to show up in the beta range with those technology lines shooting up from the delta frequency range. The was a small blip of 5D light coding around the 7.83Hz line at 1230, then a spike at 1330 staying in the theta range. The theta frequency range give us a drowsy mind state like the first stage of sleep. The spike was short lived and at 1400 died back down into 3D purge energy. Heavy density and blockages showed up along the 7.83Hz line again and stayed there until another 5D light coding spike came through. The spike mostly stayed in the delta range but had density and blockages went up and covered the theta range. The spike ended by 1530 and 3D purge energy took back over for a short amount of time in the gamma frequency range and blockages showing up along the 7.83Hz line. Another 5D light coding spike started by 1600 and slowly went up to the top of the theta range by 1630 but then fell back down then ended. At 1700 the 3D purge energy came though in the gamma frequency range with a lot of density and blockages showing up in a few different frequency ranges. There was another needle shaped spike shortly after 1800 reaching the gamma frequency range and one more at 1900. The 3D purge energy continued to come through in the gamma range until 2200. The 3D purge energy fell all the way down into the theta range just before the day ended. It is important that we stay hydrated and grounded coming off of the past few days like we had. And with all the ups and downs like we had today, it can really drain you.



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