Not too much to report on today. The day started in 3D purge energy over the delta theta alpha and beta frequency ranges with a highly focused and alert mind state. Shortly after 0100 the 3D purge energy eased down into the theta frequency range giving us a drowsy or like the first stage of sleep state of mind. Around 0330 it started climbing back up into the alpha frequency range then by 0400 it was back up into the beta frequency range. Notice the grid like image coming though in the delta range. Other than a quick spike just before 0530, it lightened up but stayed in the beta range until 0930. Four more small spikes happened between 0930 and 1200. From 1200 to 1530 we were 3D purge energy in the alpha range with a relaxed and alert mind state. Around 1530 the density or blockages started to pick up on the 7.83Hz frequency line, shortly after 1600 our only decent bit of 5D light coding came through. The spike didnt go very high in the frequency range then just quickly changed back to 3D purge energy was lightly coming through in the beta frequency range. That horizontal density line returned around 1530 with another one around the 14Hz line. Then around 1800 the 3D purge energy went back up and just barley into the gamma frequency range, then around 2130 those two horizontal density lines vanished. We ended the day in 3D purge energy in the beta range with a highly focused and alert mind state.



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