The day started out in 3D purge energy in the theta and alpha frequency ranges, that gave us a relaxed but alert state of mind. There were quite a few horizontal lines of 3D purge energy coming through, one around the 3Hz line. A few more showed up roughly at the 5Hz and 9Hz lines. Looks like just below 12Hz around the 11.5 line also just about it at about 12.5Hz, were also horizontal lines of 3D purge energy. The last two appeared around the 14Hz line and 20Hz lines. It continued like that until 0400 then climed into the beta frequency range, putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. Some density and blockages lightly appeared and continued along the 12.5Hz line, by 0830 that line had stopped coming through. Then by 1130 the 3D purge energy along the 3Hz line vanished. The 3D purge energy along the 11.5Hz line fadded out shortly after 1200, but would flicker back in and out a few times. Around 1630 the 3D purge energy began to lightly come through in the gamma frequency range, that gave us a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. At 1800 a bit of density and blockages showed up around the 7.83Hz line and the 3D purge energy showed up in the delta range for a short time. By 2000 we dropped back into the beta frequency range, and the 3D purge energy stopped coming through in the delta frequency range around 2030. By 2300 the 3D purge energy dropped down into the alpha range with an exception of a thin line of 3D purge energy along the 20Hz line. The technology lines stayed consistent throughout the whole day.



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