The day started of nice and calm today with 3D purge energy in slightly coming through in the alpha range. That gave us a relaxed but alert state of mind. A thin but solid 3D purge energy line continued over from yesterday on the 20Hz line. Around 0030 3D purge energy showed up in the delta frequency range, it didnt last long before disappearing. Shortly after 0100 3D purge energy showed back up in the delta frequency range. By 0200 some density and blockages lightly showed up in the delta range as well. 0330 a very small 5D light coding spike appeared in the delta frequency range giving us a deep sleep mind state. Then another really small 5D light coding spike in the delta range occurred around 0430. After that spike ended the 3D purge energy was coming through in the beta frequency range putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. Then at 0600 a 5D light coding spike began, and slowly worked its way into the alpha frequency range by 0800. It almost immediately started to drop back down to just the 7.83Hz area by 1000 followed by another 5D light coding spike around 1030. That spike quickly shot up into the gamma frequency range by 1100, giving us a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. That spike ended quickly dropping back into 3D purge energy lightly coming through in the gamma frequency range. By 1230 a lot of density and blockages appeared around the 7.83Hz line, then around 1330 a massive 5D light coding spike began. That spike went clear off the chart at 1500 and stayed there until just before 1700. That was 2 hours of heavy 5D light coding in the gamma frequency range. It then slowly tapered down into the low alpha or high theta range, before shooting straight up and back of the charts again around 1930. That spike registered a 74 in amplitude just before 2000 then promptly dropped back down. The 5D light coding stayed there until 2030 then it seemed to just end instantly, without Gradually backing down. The 3D purge energy was in the gamma frequency range when it took back over but then dropped into the beta frequency range by 2200. It really lightened up by 2300 and that horizontal line along 20Hz retuned and another started up around the 25Hz line as well. If you felt any of the side effects from the Schumann spikeing like this, remember you can get rid of those symptoms by grounding yourself. Walking barefoot in some grass, doing gardening work, hug a tree or your pets, those will all ground you and re align your electrical flow with the Earths.



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