Today started out in 3D purge energy coming through in the beta range, putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind as our day begins. Two solid horizontal 3D purge energy lines continued over from yesterday along the 20Hz and 25Hz lines. At 0100 a lot of blockages showed up in the delta frequency range and 5D light coding started to break through. It didnt last long before before ending and by 0115 the 3D purge energy in the delta frequency range lightened and started to come through differently. By 0230 two faint horizontal lines of 3D purge energy began to show up in the delta frequency range. Around 0430 5D light coding emerged in the theta frequency range, giving us a drowsy state of mind similar to the first stage of sleep. The 3D purge energy also pushed into the gamma frequency range. At 0500 density patches started forming up in the beta, alpha and the delta ranges. More horizontal lines of 3D purge energy showed up in the delta frequency range as well. By 0530 blockages started lightly coming though in the density patches in the beta and alpha patches and heavily in the delta patch. The density and blockages in the beta and alpha frequency ranges fadded away by 0630. Also the 3D purge energy lightened up in the gamma frequency range at this time. Then just before 0700 the density and blockages fadded out of the delta range also. After 0730 the 5D light coding was gone and we were back in 3D purge energy that came through in the beta frequency range. The two horizontal lines that continued over from yesterday ended around 0730. Shortly after 0800 a short small 5D light coding spike emerged fro the delta frequency range. Immediately after that spike density and blockages came through on the 7.83Hz line and flickered in and out. Another short 5D light coding spike showed up at 1000. A lot of desity, blockages and 5D light coding sprinkled through the delta frequency range. A quick 5D light coding spike happened around 1130 and another by 1430. After 1430 the 3D purge energy thickened up in the delta frequency range and a few of the horizontal lines had 5D light coding appearing along them. Then just before 1530 we hit missing data for the remainder of the day.



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