Today started off with missing data that carried over from 1530 yesterday. Shortly after 1200 the data returned showing 3D purge energy in the beta range. That had us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. A tiny 3D purge energy spike happened just before 1300. After that spike the technology lines in the delta frequency range appeared. Around 1400 3D purge energy was lightly coming through in the gamma frequency range. Putting us in a peak focus and expanded consciousness state of mind. Just before 1800 a bunch of blockages around the 7.83Hz line a little 5D light coding tried breaking through. That didnt last long and by 1800 it was back to the 3D purge energy coming through very lightly in the gamma frequency range. At 1930 3D purge energy spike went down into the delta frequency range briefly, shortly after that the technology lines fadded away. At 2000 the 3D purge energy dropped out of the gamma range and into the beta frequency range. At 2130 a solid horizontal line of 3D purge energy started on the 20Hz line, and it continued like that for the remainder of the day.



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