Today started off in 3D purge energy that was coming through in the beta frequency range. So we had a nice highly focused and alert state of mind to kick this day off. Shortly after 0400 the 3D purge energy started to come though in the gamma frequency range changing our state of mind into one with peak focus and an expanded consciousness. The 3D purge energy dropped back down into the beta range around 0800 and stayed there until around 1530 then it started to lightly come through in the gamma range again. Thats when the density and blockages showed up for a short amount of time on the 7.83Hz line and the 3D purge energy shot down into the delta frequency range as well. About 1615 the blockages showed back up lasted for about 30 minutes then vanished. At 1700 the blockages came back stronger and by 1730 we had a decent 5D light coding spike that peaked in the alpha frequency range. That put us in a focused and alert mind state. The 5D light coding was dropping back down inthe the delta frequency range and more blockages showed up in the alpha range. At 1930 the 5D light coding shot back up into the alpha frequency range but was short lived. Shortly after 2000 the 5D light coding was gone as well as the density in the alpha range. The 3D purge energy lightly came though in the gamma range and blockages popped in and out on the 7.83Hz line from 2030 untill 2300. The last hour of the day had a burst of blockages in the delta and theta frequency ranges.



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