Today started off in 3D purge energy coming through in the beta frequency range giving us a highly focused and alert state of mind. By 0300 the 3D purge energy was coming through in the gamma frequency range putting us in a peak focus and an expanded consciousness mind state. Some density started to show up on the 7.83Hz line and continued until around 0700 and faded out. The 3D purge energy lightened up in the gamma range until 1300 then started coming through stronger. That density on the 7.83Hz line returned and around 1500 more density and blockages emerged, one in the theta, alpha and beta frequency ranges. The intensity of the 3D purge energy peaked around 1830 and started to fade and by 2130 the density and blockages in the theta, alpha and beta ranges died down. We stayed in 3D purge energy in the gamma frequency range with a small amount of density showing up on the 7.83Hz line for the remainder of the day. Even though it may seem like not much happened today, there was a large build up of 3D purge energy. At points it came through real strong, and seemed like 5D light coding was trying to come through. So you might not have felt any symptoms but it is still good to stay hydrated and grounded, it will help your body and mind relax better on these more mellow days like this.



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