We started the day in 3D purge energy coming through in the beta frequency range. That gave us a highly focused and alert state of mind. There was a bit of density showing on the 7.83Hz line that increased in intensity and 5D light coding poked through briefly around 0130. That 5D light coding came through in the delta frequency range which would put us in a state of mind like a deep sleep. The 5D light coding fadded out around 0200 the blockages on the 7.83Hz kind of flickered in and out a few times then died down around 0400. The 3D purge energy begain to build intensity and was just starting to come through in the gamma frequency range. It dropped back down into the beta frequency range around 0730 and stayed that way until a little after 1200 a decent size 5D light coding spike started. At first it stayed in the delta and theta range giving us a drowsy mind state similar to the first stage of sleep. It real picked up its intensity around 1300 and continued to rise up and into the gamma frequency range at 1330 then instantly started to die back down. By 1500 the 5D light coding had dropped back down into the theta range and a horizontal line of density and blockages started to form in the delta and theta ranges. By around 1530 more blockages lightly formed in the alpha range and the 5D light coding sort of flickered in and out around the 7.83Hz range. Then another density line faintly came through in the beta range. The 3D purge energy was coming through strong all the way up into the gamma range, which gave us the mind state of peak focus and expanded consciousness. 5D light coding was constantly spiking into the theta range then disappearing. It carried on in this matter until around 2200 where all the density and blockages faded out. After 2200 the 3D purge energy dropped out the the gamma frequency range and was lightly coming through in the beta range and it continued like that for the remainder of the day.



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