Today started in 3D purge energy coming through in the theta frequency range and appeared to be trying to come through the alpha and beta frequency ranges as well. The theta frequency range gives us a drowsy mind state similar to the first stage of sleep. By 0400 the 3D purge energy intensified and came through in the beta frequency range putting us in a highly focused and alert state of mind. There was a tiny 3D purge energy spike just before 0800 and another around 0830. Around 1130 the density started to pick up along the 7.83Hz line. Then shortly after 1200 5D light coding broke through for about an hour in the delta and theta range then disappeared. Another small 5D light coding spike appeared around 1330 and again stayed in the delta and theta ranges and ended shortly after 1400. The 3D purge energry came in strongly in the beta range and appeared to be slightly coming through in the gamma frequency range, giving us peak focus and an extended consciousnes mind state. The density and blockages continued along the 7.83Hz line but had extend downward into the delta frequency range shortly and came back up around 1545 and another short one around 1700. That horizontal density line continued until around 1900 then ended. The 3D purge energy stayed pretty heavy in the beta frequency range and started to fade out at 2300. It dropped down into the alpha frequency range after 2300 puting us in a relaxed and focused mind state for the rest of the day. Remember to stay hydrated and grounded even on days like this with little activity, it will help your body recover from the more intense days.



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