Getting yourself grounded is important for us to do. There are multiple ways we can accomplish this and walking barefoot outside is one of the best. When you are barefoot in the grass, on dirt or in sand then you are connecting yourself with nature and receive electron to replace any missing electrons you may need.

So when you are feeling or think you maybe feeling the symptoms of Earth emmiting a 5D light coding frequincy, go ahead take your shoes and socks of and go stand in the warm grass and enjoy the sun shine. Watch how much better that will make you feel. Dont forget about your children and pets who dont understand those symptoms. Take them will you, let them enjoy the calm and relaxing feeling of being one with nature.

While we are grounded like this it gives us a sense of belonging, or of home, it even helps us feel safer. If you can stand barefoot connected to Earth for one hour a day you will witness a massive impact on your mind body and soul. it can help increase skin conductivity, lower your heart rate, reduce stress, even boost your immune system.



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