When ever you are feeling symptoms of 5D light coding vibrations hugging a tree can actually help you. Those 5D vibrations effect us all differently and can give us feelings of: dizziness/vertigo, inability to focus, headaches/migraines, ringing in your ears, nausea, high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, mood swings, depression, anxiety. Those are not all the symptoms and in some cases your body may respond oppositely than others.

Hugging trees is said to replace your bodies negative energy with positive energy. Your body will enjoy and respond nicely while it is that close to a fresh air factory. When you hug a tree the feeling of security you receive from such a sturdy object will help calm a few of those symptoms. This will reconnect you with nature, which is important to do. Reconnecting with nature will reset your bodies energy with earth energy, and that will git rid of symptoms related to those two energies being off. Remember to bring your children and pets outside to ground with you. They are going through the same changes and can really benefit from hugging trees as well.



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