After a long 5 days of complete blackout of the schumann resonance, it is now back online. Boy oh boy did it come back strong. the feed started back up at 0930 UTC with 3D purge energy in the alpha frequency range. that gives us a calm consciousness and a deeply relaxed state of mind. Around 1430 to 2000 a large 5D light coding spike started staying around the theta frequency range leaving us a bit drowsy like the first stage of sleep. From 2000 until 2200 the 5D light coding spike reached the alpha frequency range, with heavy 3D purge energy in the beta frequency range. Then from 2200 until 2330 the 5D light coding spike jumped all the way up to the gamma frequency range, giving us a higher level of consciousness and a highly attentive and perceptive state of mind.

It is important to remember on days that spike like this to stay hydrated and ground yourselves. So take some time today and go for a walk barefoot through some grass, go hug a tree or your pets. Don’t forget to bring your children with you, reconnecting with nature will do you, your children and pets a whole lot of good. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful day.



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