We stared the day with 3D purge enegry in the alpha frequency range giving us a relaxed but alert state of mind. A small flicker of 5D light coding coming through in the theta frequency range around 0600 then dies down. The 5d light coding started flickering back in at 1000 and hit a large spike starting at 1230. The 5D light coding steadily climed the frequency scales and peaked around 1400 with a white out and amplitude hitting 74. With 5D light coding at the bottom of the chart in the gamma frequency range it gives us insight and an expanded consciousness. It also gives us peak focus and stayed like that for about 30 minutes and slowly dropped back down in the frequency range until 1700 where it spiked back up into the gamma range. Around 1715 we went back into a 3D purge energy deep into the beta frequency range ending the day in a highly alert and focused state of mind.



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