The day started off very calm with 3D purge energy in the theta frequency range. That puts us in a drowsy, similar to the first stage of sleep, state of mind. At 0400 the 3D purge energy jumped to the beta frequency range giving us a highly alert and focused mind state that continued until around 0700. After that there where two quick spikes one around 0730 and the other just before 1000. At 1400 it instantly spiked into the gamma frequency range in 5D light coding with an amplitude of 69. It quickly fell down into the theta range by 1500 then climbed back into the gamma range by 1530, it stayed in the gamma range giving us peak focus and an expanded consciousness until around 1800. From 1800 until 1930 the 5D light coding was in the alpha frequency range putting us in a relaxed but focused state of mind. 1930 to 2230 was more 3D purge energy in the beta range. At 2230 the 5D light coding burst through and went strait into the gamma range for about an hour. The spike lasted until 2345 where it then dropped back down into 3D purge energy to end the day.



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