It was quite an interesting day today, starting in 3D purge energy in the beta frequency range. Two short spikes the first at 0030 and the other at 0100. Then around 0200 we had 5D light coding starting a horizontal line around 24 Hz, putting us in a highly alert and focused state of mind. That 5D light coding stayed with us for about an hour and fell back into 3D purge energy around 0300. The 5D light coding then quickly flickered in and out of the alpha range until around 0500. It then continued to flicker in and out down into the theta frequency range. There was another quick spike at 1000 followed by another thin horizontal 5D light coding line in the alpha frequency range. That gave us a relaxed but focused state of mind until 1330 then went back to flickering in and out of the theta range. The 5D light coding stopped flickering in and out around 1930 and settled into 3D purge energy down in the beta frequency range and stayed there the remainder of the day. On days like these its common to feel the symptoms of the vibration frequencies changing. So remember to stay hydrated and ground yourself by walking barefoot in some grass or hugging a tree.



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