It was kind of a different day today. Notice the horizontal lines of 5D light coding trying to form. From 0000 to 0300 the 3D purge energy was in the alpha frequency range trying to come through the beta range. At the same time 5D light coding was breaking through in the theta frequency range. From 0300 to around 2030 we had more 3D purge energy from the delta through the beta frequency ranges and 5D light coding continued to flicker in and out of the theta and alpha ranges. Around 1400 to 1700 5D light coding showed up in the theta and delta range. Around 2030 we hit a whiteout with 5D light coding from 0 – 40+ hz instantly putting us in the gamma frequency range. That spike only lasted a few minutes before falling back down into 3D purge energy. Another quick spike of 5D light coding came at 2200 then again at 2300 where it climbed into the gamma frequency range to end the day with a peak focus and expanded consciousness mind state.



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