Not too much to report on today. It started off in 3D purge energy in the beta frequency range giving us a highly alert and focused state of mind. It stayed that way until 0400 when horizontal density lines started to form on the 7.83Hz line, 14.3Hz line and the 20.8Hz line. Those blockages stoped around 0800 and the 3D purge energy dropped down into the alpha range giving us a relaxed but alert mind state. By 1200 the 3D purge energy climbed back into the alpha range followed by a quick spike of 5D light coding down in the delta and theta frequency ranges which gave us a drowsy state of mind. The 3D purge energy stayed in the alpha frequency range for the remander of the day. From 1300 to roughly 1800 a horizontal line of 5D light coding was pushing through the blockages again at the 7.83Hz line and another just below around 9Hz.



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