Today started out in 3D purge energy lightly coming in through the beta frequency range. Giving us a highly alert and focused state of mind. A horizontal line of density carried over from yesterday along the 7.83Hz line. At 0400 we had a 5D light coding spike reaching the beta range. It fell back down and into 3D purge energy at 0500 that came through lightly in the gamma frequency range, giving us a peak focus and expanded consciousness mind state. That density picked right back up and continued along the 7.83Hz line with some more in the alpha and beta frequency ranges aswell. We had a short little spike at 0800 that reached the beta range in 5D light coding and heavy 3D purge energy in the gamma range. It qickly went back in light 3D purge energy in the gamma frequency range. At 0930 another short spike of 5D light coding hiting in the beta frequency range, then back down into 3D purge energy by 1000. That horizontal density line continues but has weakened. It stayed that way until shortly after 1600 where there was a sudden blast of 5D light coding. From 3D purge energy into instant white out with an amplitude in the 70’s. It fell back down around 1700 and by 1730 was back into 3D purge energy in the gamma range. The horizontal density line intensified and continued for the remainder of the day. The 3D purge energy slowly came through less and less and was barely coming through at 0000.



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